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Prophetic Word for 
Donna Geddes

Donna, the Lord would say to you that He has lifted you up with His right hand.  He is setting you on a place of authority that you have not touched yet.  He is setting you in a place for your feet to stand where there are no pitfalls.  He’s positioning your feet in a place where you are a voice, and it’s a place where it looks like you could fall, but you can’t.   He says there are no pitfalls.  But I see you on this pedestal, it not a pedestal to worship.  It is a place where He has placed your feet shod in the gospel of peace.  It is like you are preaching to prisoners.  I see a big pit all around you, but you can’t fall.  You are strong and the Lord has stabilized you in this place.  He is going to strengthen your voice that He has fashioned inside of you, in your spirit man.  He is going to strengthen it.  He is going to touch it in a way that will astonish you at what comes out.  Now as to what am I saying; voice, pedestal, platform all of these things.  The Lord is placing you, I not seeing exact to say ministry, it may be a ministry. . .  He’s putting you in a place where you will be used in a way that it is a place for a voice, it is a place that you can’t fall and it’s a place where He will use you powerfully.  But He’s not showing me what that place is.  So then I tend to speak from position and this is a word that you can stand on.  There is going to be a fire, a powerful pushing of fire that is going to push your voice out.  This is not something that Donna has to know how to do on her own.  This is something that God has total 100% control over.  That you don’t have to worry will I mess up.  You can’t mess this up, that’s how strong it is.  You can’t mess it up.  I admonish you to take that in, to really soak this into your spirit, so that you can be ready as He is doing this in you.  (I would really like feedback on this word.  On feedback we put in on the blog on the website blog and then you comment on the thread.)  The Lord is going to put a stronger fire inside of you.  If you are new in walking out on all of these things, this is what He is going to do in you.  It’s going to be very blatant, very strong.  He is going to start training you on word of knowledge.  So all of the things I am saying here is, it’s starting the training of being a prophet.  Whether it’s a prophetess or gift of prophecy in that calling He has for you, you’re building more momentum of that calling.  So He is going to strengthen you in word of knowledge on how to articulate it, how to discern it, how to let it bubble up in your spirit, how to let the words form in your mouth, to know how to say them, type them and get them with accuracy.  I impart into you right now, accuracy of words of knowledge and words of wisdom.  I break open that gift right now and speak fire to it for you to be able to read the words and to read the wisdom that comes out of your spirit, in Jesus name.  Lord I just thank you for your blood upon this word and your sealing upon this word.  So He says don’t be concerned about how this is going to come about, that He is in charge.  He says don’t worry about this and that, just let Him flow through you and let it happen at its own pace, because He is in charge.  It’s not you doing it.  It’s nothing you have to get done in order for something to happen.  He is just flowing through you making things happen.  So there is no need for concern.Children – I don’t know your situation so. . . I am seeing children playing around you.  I don’t know if you have grown children or grandchildren.  I am seeing a boy about six years old.  There are two of them, maybe it’s a friend, I don’t know.  All I can say is I see two boys six or seven years old and they are playing around you.  You are having fun with it.  The laughter is really healing your spirit.  The Lord is pleased with that, the Lord loves to hear child like laughter.Finances – The Lord says I am going to redeem your finances.  I am going to heal them, He says.  They have been injured by the enemy and that He is going to heal them.  Finances have a life to them and we have to speak life to the finances.  He says I am healing your finances.  He says in the days going forward just thank Him for it.  Thank Him for the word and thank Him for what He is doing the finances. Marriage – I don’t know if you have a husband or not.  I am hearing healing to your husband.  Because I don’t have the whole picture, I am only saying what I am getting right now.  As I speak healing to your husband, I speak destiny to your husband, I speak life to your husband, I speak addictions falling away from your husband, (I am trying to see what else is there).Health – Your health is going to start getting better.  You’re going to notice a change.  It’s going to be very subtle and then as the weeks progress, you’re going to really realize something is happening.  There is going to be a flow to your health to where you are going to notice a change, a difference, a difference between here and there.  And the Lord says He is taking care of it.  He doesn’t want you to worry.Lord we just come against a generational curse of worry in the bloodline, right now, in Jesus name.  Lord we just ask you to reverse the curse, and we just ask you to seal it off.  Seal off the bloodline, purify the blood, purify the blood, purify the blood, the DNA of Jesus Christ in the bloodstream.  We just thank you for what you are doing right now, even now, right now, in Jesus name.  Thank you for your word Father, I thank you that you are making her debt free.  He is showing me a process, a momentum, a movement of making you debt free.  He says continue to listen to His guidance and what He tells you to do.  Make sure to only pay and do what He tells you to do.  Sometimes out of us wanting to do the right thing we will pay bills when it’s not the bill we should be paying.  So it’s real important to listen to the Holy Spirit to tell us what is first things first.  Then He cleans everything up, first things first and we walk in step with the Holy Spirit.  He leads us out, on how to get out of situations.  So I speak that to you right now.  Lord I impart wisdom to Donna right now; I impart Your wisdom into her mind and heart.  And I just breakdown every oppression in her mind right now, in Jesus name.  I release Your fire into her mind, right now.  And I thank you for the work that You are doing, right now in her life.  And how You are going to cause everything to turn around for good, in Jesus name.  Thank you Lord, for this word.
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