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Prophetic Word for Ruby Perez

Ruby, the Lord says that He has fashioned you in a deep concentrated way.  He has worked diligently on you.  I see Him as in the potter’s wheel, but I see His fists, and I see a kneading work going on.  Like when something is being formed and something pressed and squeezed really hard.  I see His passion about what He is creating in you.  How He’s molding and shaping you.  The Lord says to trust Him to let go of some more things, things He needs you to let go of.  He says to receive more joy into your spirit, to receive the gladness of heart into your spirit, and to receive a renewed life into your spirit.  I speak into you right now and say LIFE, LIFE, LIFE, LIFE, I birth life into you right now.  He says I call you up to bloom.  I lift you up to bloom and blossom for Me.  To bloom and blossom for Me, He says, in this hour.  

For I have given you ability to write and that is going to increase.  I have put a song in your heart and that is going to be increased.  This summer is a season of increasing in every area of your life.  And you would think, I have waited for this for so long to happen.  And yes that is true, but now is the seasons and the times of the Father’s calendar for this to happen in your life.  So He says to yield to Him and to prepare yourself and to be who He’s called you to be.  And to trust Him to know that, (I see people around you), I see Him saying trust Him that He’s got is all worked out.  .......It’s not just a trust; it’s knowing that everything is going to be just fine.  Right now, I break the poverty spirit and I break a generational curse of worry off of your life.  Lord, I just ask that you go into her heart and just break those things down right now in Jesus name.  And Lord I just thank you for what you are doing in her life right now.  I ask you to take her on up, to lift her up out of the miry clay, and I ask you to take her a little higher, a little higher, a little higher,  to where she feels the light of Your spirit.  I ask you take her into the heavenlies to where she can see who You are.   So she can build her testimony, so she can proclaim Your name, so she can proclaim Your goodness.  

Ruby the Lord says you are a ruby to Him.  Your eyes glisten as that of rubies.  He says the people that surround you love you dearly and He says I am going to bring more people to surround you.  And there is going to be a lot of chuckling and laughing in your house, a lot more joy is coming says the Lord.   And He wants you to rejoice this day, and anything that has tried to hammer you down, beat you down, the Lord says laugh at it, give it a good laugh.  And know to keep your eye on me, to keep your thoughts on me, and to know that I am the worker, finisher of your faith.  

Keep hope alive, keep faith alive, keep love alive, and all of these other things shall be accomplished.  Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these other things shall be added unto you.  Know that He carries the desire of your heart and all these things shall work out together for your good, says the Spirit of the Lord of Hosts.  

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