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Jenifer Clarke

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer the Lord has need of you.  Your joy comes up before Him daily.  He shines through you and people take notice.  He wants to reveal His glory inside of you in a greater way.  He wants to astonish you.  He wants to overwhelm you.  He wants to behold you with His glory.  He says come up a little higher because I have great things to show you.  I have throne rooms to show you.  I have glasses of sea to show you.  Come and let me show you around, He says.  He says I am about to pour out a blessing upon you that you would have never thought possible.  He says watch and see, the day is coming.  Look for my acts in your life.  Look for my showmanship in your life.  Look for the real and the authentic of those around you.  I shall bring more to you of the authentic and the real.  For that is all you look for, is to make sure they are real genuine people.  I want to add to your life.  I want to pour out blessings that you cannot comprehend.  You know the blessing upon your life, but I am about to pour out more upon you.  For whom has shall get more, that is my statute.  And so by faith, worketh blessings.  By action and work, worketh blessings.  So you have heaped up the memorial to cause me to pour out upon you.  Seek me this day to know and to understand what I am saying to you.  For I want to take you into the deeper realms of my Spirit and show you things in the hidden places of my Spirit.  So that you may search out and understand by my word that these things are established.  And at a latter time I shall take you and I shall form my voice inside of you and you shall be an oracle onto me.  You shall be an oracle onto me says the Lord.  Rejoice this day at my word given unto you says the Lord of Hosts. 
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