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Diane of 0621

Diane – June 21, 2014

Diane, the Lord says He has brought you through several trials.  He has brought you to a new path that He has placed your feet sturdy upon.  This is place that you will not waver.  He is cutting people off in your life that have clung to you, that have caused you trouble, and you have been unsure what to do about.  He says He is cutting those people off from you because of the place He is bringing you to.  This is a place that you prayed for years and years ago.  You have had to go through these winding paths to get to this season that you are entering now.  This is a word of activation that will be utilized for the next season.  This is a season of receiving and then in the next season you will walk in what is being spoken now.  He is closing doors and He will prepare you for the new doors that will be opened.  You are going to go thru quite an emotional loss of people being cut off from you.  But He says to be strengthened and to rejoice that all of it is His will.  Do not fight it nor wrestle with it, but give it to Him.  Let go and let Him do this work in you that will prepare you for what you have longed for.  He is tearing away at everything that is not good for you.  He is going to bring a renewal of the mind and He is going to bring redemption of the mind.  You will walk in a peace and a clarity that you have not experienced thus far.  Confusion will no longer be a part of the struggle you have walked in.   You will experience a brand new peace that you have not experienced before.  He says to count this day, to remember it and mark it as a day that He has made things straight for you.  He says this is a joyous time.  The transition from one place to another can seem tumultuous, can seem like a roller coaster and can seem unwavering.  He says to trust Him, to know that is why this word is coming forth.  So that you may know what is happening is His will, it is His good pleasure for you and it shows His love for you.  In Hebrews where it says that we are sons and daughters unto God because we know that He loves us because he chastises us.  So know this day that He loves you and He is binding you up and He is freeing you up and you will know a freedom that you have not known before.  There is no cause for concern but just to trust and to know that your biggest struggle is to know that God is doing all of these things.  God causes people to let go of our lives so that we may take hold of His hand and walk forward into what He has for us next.  And so the call is to be obedient to what He is doing with you.  This may not be something that is happening today, maybe it happened yesterday, but this is something that is going to happen in the future days.  It could be a few days, it could be today.  God does not always reveal timing.  If you do not bear witness to this it could be something that happens in two weeks.  So just be patient and to know that God loves you and He is working on your behalf.  He is working hard to bring you into your destiny.  So know all of these things are possible to those who believe.  So know that He is working on your behalf and rejoice this day and sing a new song.  I hear Him saying sing a new song and you will find your joy that will break forth as you sing this new song.  The Lord is breaking the back of the enemy over your life.  That oppression that has been there for so many years is being broke.  Has been in the process of being broke and is being broke as He closes these doors over your life.  So He says rejoice and sing that new song and He will give you this new song.  So sing unto the Lord a new song says the Lord.   
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