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A Prophetic Word for Beautifulbride

This person is an intercessor, she has children and she seeks the Lord daily.  She is a prayer warrior and prays to advance the kingdom.  She seeks the Lord on how she can be used in a more significant way.  And the Lord says count this day as being activated to a new level, a new time and a new season.  I lift you up this day to show my grace unto you and to show my good pleasure unto you.  Prepare yourself in the path you are walking, for now there shall become a greater flow.  Now you will begin to prophesy and prophesy at even a greater level.  Release your spirit to receive all you can from me.  Release your spirit to receive the revelatory gift.  Release your spirit to receive a greater fire, the greater fire of the Lord, to begin to proclaim and declare things.  For I shall lift you up unto the watchtower.  I shall lift you up high says the Lord so that you can see with the eagle-eye view as to what is coming.   And I will put a set of people before you on who you will declare what you see.  You will declare what you see coming.  For right now I anoint your eyes and I take the coal, as in Isaiah, to your lips, to cleanse so my purity of voice shall come forth from you says the Lord.  That you shall declare, you shall groan groanings that you have not known.  You shall groan prayers that you have not known.  You shall birth a thing and it shall be established.  And count this day as a day I am bringing you in, as a day that not a new path but you are further down the path.  I see gold all around about you and the Lord says would I not share my glory with you, would I not share my glory with you!  Press in deeper, I have much more for you.  Press in deeper says the Lord.
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