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July 2014

Donna Geddes

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Prophetic Word for 
Donna Geddes

Donna, the Lord would say to you that He has lifted you up with His right hand.  He is setting you on a place of authority that you have not touched yet.  He is setting you in a place for your feet to stand where there are no pitfalls.  He’s positioning your feet in a place where you are a voice, and it’s a place where it looks like you could fall, but you can’t.   He says there are no pitfalls.

Kristina Abernathy

Prophetic Word for
Kristina Abernathy

Kristina, first off, the Lord is showing me you as a little girl running thru a field of flowers.  This to me usually shows of your favorite place in having fun in the Presence of the Father.  He says to me, Come up I want to take you to more places, especially the war room.  I want to show you great strategic places that affect and protect and effect your life.  I see golden soldiers in the war room.  Golden treasure chests.  Maps and strategies to discuss and to teach you.

Ruby Perez

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Prophetic Word for Ruby Perez

Ruby, the Lord says that He has fashioned you in a deep concentrated way.  He has worked diligently on you.  I see Him as in the potter’s wheel, but I see His fists, and I see a kneading work going on.  Like when something is being formed and something pressed and squeezed really hard.  I see His passion about what He is creating in you.  How He’s molding and shaping you.  The Lord says to trust Him to let go of some more things, things He needs you to let go of.


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Amy Ribitske

Amy Ribitzke Prophetic Word

The Lord is raising you up as a voice.  I release activations right now of a deeper sound of the voice of the Lord to come through you where you would declare, decree a thing and it will be established.  The Lord is calling you forth to be used of Him.  I see you writing, I see you typing, I see the thoughts, the flow of the Lord going through your mind at a great speed. You are in the element, in the flow of what the Lord wants you doing.  You have tried several things in the past and it turned out it wasn’t quite there.  But now you are entering a season where you will be in a place of flow for a short season and then He will change you again.  These seasons will repeat themselves until He cultivates you in your spirit and heart to the right octave I hear.  There is an octave sound that He is cultivating in you, a high frequency pitch of a sound.  Not searing of a pitch but a realm of a sound that is in your spirit that He has to carve out and sharpen.  This takes seasons to do and over all your whole life to do.  But now it has come to a more defining moment.  A more defining moment to be sharpened, but He has to sharpen it before He can use it.  You don’t want to come out of the gate as dull because you want to aim for the mark and have success with it.  He is sharpening you so that there will not be any failure rate.  As many people try and try, and they end up failing, so they keep trying, and they’re trying equal success.  It is not so with you.  He is sharpening you behind the scenes so you will come out successful, in a spirit of excellence.  Now the Lord is straightening things out in other areas of your life.  I see like extended family.  He is straightening all of those things out and He is leading you to greener pastures, how that may apply.   I hear greener pastures, but He is taking you up, He is lifting you up into a greener place.  This may be future, but it is the work He is doing now in you.  If you will seek Him, He will give you better understanding, your understanding.  He does want you to seek Him at a deeper level so that the flow that comes out of you can be at that deeper level.  There will be some that will not understand you, but there will many that do.  There will be many that will enjoy your child likeness, your cheeriness, your lightheartedness, but at the same time in the depth of things of God.  He has made you as a warrior princess also, in the midst of this.  He has made you to be able to stand against the enemy, to stand against the winds.   You are not one that will bow your knee to the enemy.  You are one that coaches others to not bow their knee to the enemy, to not succumb to the tormentist temptations.  He is going to strengthen you even further in that in the days to come.  Because things are coming on the horizon as you already know that will perpetuate to where you need to be strengthened and to be stronger in the place you are already in.  All of these things are added unto you.  You are already blessed, but this is to add more unto you to have to fortify to who you already are.  That there is nothing taken away, but you are in a place of being added unto.  No subtraction, this is a time of addition. You will go forth into three or four seasons where it would be nothing but adding to you.  The Lord says in past seasons you have done the work on your knees.  You have sought the Lord on you knees and cultivated your own spirit.  That is wise and He counts that to your credit.  So now you go through seasons of being added unto.  He will raise you up as a voice.  So take this day to heart and take this day to prayer and He will reveal even more unto you in a more definitive way that your mind can calculate.  So take it this day and bless the Lord and rejoice in this word He has given you.

Jenifer Clarke

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer the Lord has need of you.  Your joy comes up before Him daily.  He shines through you and people take notice.  He wants to reveal His glory inside of you in a greater way.  He wants to astonish you.  He wants to overwhelm you.  He wants to behold you with His glory.  He says come up a little higher because I have great things to show you.  I have throne rooms to show you.  I have glasses of sea to show you.  Come and let me show you around, He says.  He says I am about to pour out a blessing upon you that you would have never thought possible.  He says watch and see, the day is coming.  Look for my acts in your life.  Look for my showmanship in your life.  Look for the real and the authentic of those around you.  I shall bring more to you of the authentic and the real.  For that is all you look for, is to make sure they are real genuine people.  I want to add to your life.  I want to pour out blessings that you cannot comprehend.  You know the blessing upon your life, but I am about to pour out more upon you.  For whom has shall get more, that is my statute.  And so by faith, worketh blessings.  By action and work, worketh blessings.  So you have heaped up the memorial to cause me to pour out upon you.  Seek me this day to know and to understand what I am saying to you.  For I want to take you into the deeper realms of my Spirit and show you things in the hidden places of my Spirit.  So that you may search out and understand by my word that these things are established.  And at a latter time I shall take you and I shall form my voice inside of you and you shall be an oracle onto me.  You shall be an oracle onto me says the Lord.  Rejoice this day at my word given unto you says the Lord of Hosts. 


A Prophetic Word for Beautifulbride

This person is an intercessor, she has children and she seeks the Lord daily.  She is a prayer warrior and prays to advance the kingdom.  She seeks the Lord on how she can be used in a more significant way.  And the Lord says count this day as being activated to a new level, a new time and a new season.  I lift you up this day to show my grace unto you and to show my good pleasure unto you.  Prepare yourself in the path you are walking, for now there shall become a greater flow.  Now you will begin to prophesy and prophesy at even a greater level.  Release your spirit to receive all you can from me.  Release your spirit to receive the revelatory gift.  Release your spirit to receive a greater fire, the greater fire of the Lord, to begin to proclaim and declare things.  For I shall lift you up unto the watchtower.  I shall lift you up high says the Lord so that you can see with the eagle-eye view as to what is coming.   And I will put a set of people before you on who you will declare what you see.  You will declare what you see coming.  For right now I anoint your eyes and I take the coal, as in Isaiah, to your lips, to cleanse so my purity of voice shall come forth from you says the Lord.  That you shall declare, you shall groan groanings that you have not known.  You shall groan prayers that you have not known.  You shall birth a thing and it shall be established.  And count this day as a day I am bringing you in, as a day that not a new path but you are further down the path.  I see gold all around about you and the Lord says would I not share my glory with you, would I not share my glory with you!  Press in deeper, I have much more for you.  Press in deeper says the Lord.

Diane of 0621

Diane – June 21, 2014

Diane, the Lord says He has brought you through several trials.  He has brought you to a new path that He has placed your feet sturdy upon.  This is place that you will not waver.  He is cutting people off in your life that have clung to you, that have caused you trouble, and you have been unsure what to do about.  He says He is cutting those people off from you because of the place He is bringing you to.  This is a place that you prayed for years and years ago.  You have had to go through these winding paths to get to this season that you are entering now.  This is a word of activation that will be utilized for the next season.  This is a season of receiving and then in the next season you will walk in what is being spoken now.  He is closing doors and He will prepare you for the new doors that will be opened.  You are going to go thru quite an emotional loss of people being cut off from you.  But He says to be strengthened and to rejoice that all of it is His will.  Do not fight it nor wrestle with it, but give it to Him.  Let go and let Him do this work in you that will prepare you for what you have longed for.  He is tearing away at everything that is not good for you.  He is going to bring a renewal of the mind and He is going to bring redemption of the mind.  You will walk in a peace and a clarity that you have not experienced thus far.  Confusion will no longer be a part of the struggle you have walked in.   You will experience a brand new peace that you have not experienced before.  He says to count this day, to remember it and mark it as a day that He has made things straight for you.  He says this is a joyous time.  The transition from one place to another can seem tumultuous, can seem like a roller coaster and can seem unwavering.  He says to trust Him, to know that is why this word is coming forth.  So that you may know what is happening is His will, it is His good pleasure for you and it shows His love for you.  In Hebrews where it says that we are sons and daughters unto God because we know that He loves us because he chastises us.  So know this day that He loves you and He is binding you up and He is freeing you up and you will know a freedom that you have not known before.  There is no cause for concern but just to trust and to know that your biggest struggle is to know that God is doing all of these things.  God causes people to let go of our lives so that we may take hold of His hand and walk forward into what He has for us next.  And so the call is to be obedient to what He is doing with you.  This may not be something that is happening today, maybe it happened yesterday, but this is something that is going to happen in the future days.  It could be a few days, it could be today.  God does not always reveal timing.  If you do not bear witness to this it could be something that happens in two weeks.  So just be patient and to know that God loves you and He is working on your behalf.  He is working hard to bring you into your destiny.  So know all of these things are possible to those who believe.  So know that He is working on your behalf and rejoice this day and sing a new song.  I hear Him saying sing a new song and you will find your joy that will break forth as you sing this new song.  The Lord is breaking the back of the enemy over your life.  That oppression that has been there for so many years is being broke.  Has been in the process of being broke and is being broke as He closes these doors over your life.  So He says rejoice and sing that new song and He will give you this new song.  So sing unto the Lord a new song says the Lord.   


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