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Tiffani White

Prophetic word for
Tiffani White

Tiffani, the Lord says, consider the lillys of the field they do not toil or labor....I want you to reach deep within Me and see and notice my benefits concerning you.  Does not my Word say, "according to my RICHES in Christ Jesus?  Lean into me give me your ear for the deeper that I have for you.  Is it not possible to do all that I have given unto you?  Let me remove the obstacles, all of them, so you may see that you can do the work and plans I have given unto you.


Prophetic word given to AMERICA, as recorded on March 30, 2014

Prophetic Word to You America, for the Lord would make Himself known to you in a way you have not yet known. Get ready for this new season that is upon you. For He will make His paths straight unto you. Position yourself to see and to know as He brings greater clarity that has not been evident before. Oh, America for I would hearken unto you, would you make a place for me for I will come and save you from those that plot evil against you even now.  Make room for me so I can set you apart to be saved from the evil plots. Guard your children like a mother hen gathers her chicks. The enemy's eye is on the youth in a greater degree.  For you would ask why, America, why us?  For His aim is always at Me. He wishes to take out a whole generation to think that he can gouge me. But I have a plan for him. So know that my plan is to protect you, America. Make room for me, says the Lord.

Ralma Ehlert

Prophetic word for
Ralma Ehlert

For the Lord says you are in the Light as I am in the Light, you walk in my ways and blessings.  You act on what I show you.  You are talented because I made you that way.  Your heart is of me.  You discount the things which try to come against you.  Worry and fear do not carry weight with you.  Panic and despair are of yesterday.  Your journey has begun of your true destiny and what is that?

To bring in the harvest.  To testify of Me.

Dana Foster

Prophetic Word for

My Son in whom I well serve.  Consider my words very carefully.  It is I who serves you.  It is I who welcomes you into all that I am doing.  Step in and see am I not pleased with you.  Am I not sensitive to your needs.  Step in and see if am I not present for you at all times.  

Taste and see that the Lord is good, for I have called you as an Apostle and it is well time that you step in and step out into that role.  You have faith even a gift of faith.

Fiona Petersen

Prophetic Word for
Fiona Petersen

The Lord would say, be mindful of these things.  The things I have given YOU charge over.  Reject fear and things of lawlessness.  You have my Word and know how to create it.  Observe, take careful note and watch carefully at all your surroundings.  

For I have placed you at the WATCHTOWER.  I will give you words to warn my people.  I will give you exquisite assignments that you know are only from Me, declares the Lord.  My assignments are yes and amen.

Susan Jackley

Prophetic Word to Susan Jackley

The Lord says to you, today, Count the cost, as I have spoken to you before.  I have measure out my love to you and you have received.  I wish to give you so much more of my love, my mystery, my revelation, my healing for you to give away for there is so much more in Me to give You.

I am about to pour out to my Body a depth of love they have never felt before.  This will drop them to their knees.  I offer this to you this day.  Do you receive?

Gary, cousin of Tim Gregor

Prophetic word for Gary, cousin of Tim Gregor
Please give feedback on your word here in comment field.

Father, we just lift Gary before you to relieve his mind and soul that the tormenting spirits would release him that you would send warrior angels to help him and comfort him.  I sense that he needs a job.  I ask for your divine provision for him this day right now in Jesus Name.  I ask for your relenting love to be poured upon him right now.  I release the peace that passes all understanding.

Kathy Yancy

Prophetic Word to 
Kathy Yancy

Kathy, God has followed hard after you to pour into you and seep into each cell of your whole being.  To infill you so full that nothing, no further torment or advancement of the enemy into your life.  God loves you so much.  
God has purposed a thing to you.  You have seen much disappointment in the church but you carry my heart and know that there is a better way.  You have sought my heart for the path I have for you but also what I have for the church.


Thank you for your patience......trouble with my hosting company. 


By the Contact form , post your personal prophecy request and I will relay here in the blog post for your comments.  Asking in response that you would provide a donation as the Lord would put on your heart to further our revival work here in Colorado to carry out the assignment, he has put on our hearts.  I look forward in hearing from you.  I am also available for Personal Prophetic Counseling.

God call Dawn as a sent messenger to Colorado to raise up a work of Revival.  Leaving my home in Michigan of my two sons and granddaughter to follow Christ's command to GO.
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