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Dawn first heard the voice of the Lord at a very young age as she was surrounded by angels at age 3.  All of Dawn's life has followed by a life of miracles, healing, giving instruction being there to listen and guide others in God's path.  Dawn was even involved in a secular project of reconciliation with the Hamas in 1999 in Gaza Israel.  Only to be a part of prophesying 9-11 on August 15, 2001.  Dawn operates in the Office of the Prophet as a prophetic mantle with an Issachar anointing. 
Dawn has two sons and two granddaughters.  Dawn's path began as a little girl being brought up in the Baptist church in Kentucky beginning with singing to the Lord in Jewish song.  Accepting the call to salvation in 1986.  Going from the Baptist church that she loved so much to the Quaker Friend's Church whereby finding the love of her soul and developing the love for the youth and being used as a teacher to the teenagers calling them to seek the God in the Book of Daniel.
Dawn was activated in the Prophetic anointing back in 1995 when Cultivate the Harvest was born while being activated while sitting under the Ministry of Kim Clement. Through strong teaching with boldness in regeneration as a risk taker, Cultivate the Harvest was born.  Cultivate the Harvest was identified as being a seer of the Lord being able to as Elisha did direct the arrow toward the enemy.  That the believer be given direct keen insight and understanding into their spirit so they may clearly know the calling that they were called to.  To understand their call and purpose in this earth whether mother, teacher, pioneer, intercessor, prayer warrior and being able to define each one of those roles. 
  • Dawn has been given divine blueprints for regions from God through revelation knowledge and sent to these regions as measures of rule, in such places as California, Eastern Europe, Israel,  Michigan, Kentucky and Wisconsin and now Colorado.  Possessing the divine appointment positioned to speak to the President of Israel. 
  • Leading intercession teams to Europe and Israel and by revelation receiving a blueprint for those regions.  Having spoken at churches in Eastern Europe and collaborating with other ministries in the United States that are prophetic and apostolic in nature as Deborah was asked by the King to go into the land.  To be consulted by the King to fight.  It is my hope and desire that we indeed do see the Kingdom of God manifested on the earth in this generation.
I pray you find this site edifying and encouraging as you seek the Lord of the Harvest for your soul and out into all the world for His Glory.
  • I will be organizing a prayer movement here in Fremont, California, if you feel called to this endeavor feel free to write me.  I am initially calling musicians to join me.  For the Lord seeks worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth.  I believe nothing is more important than through worship and prayer will this nation be saved!  in a day!  Finances are needed to this endeavor.  I am also working on a book that will have to be financed as well as media equipment being bought.  Financers for the Kingdom!  Can someone say Amen!
  • I am also seeking those who want to see the Kingdom of God manifest on the earth.  United States of America, if not us why not?  U.S.
  • This is now the time for the Lord of the Harvest manifesting in our lives and I need your help in helping me to go into all the world as Jesus commanded.  He has commanded me to fulfill his command to, "Follow Me",  please join me in this endeavor for the Glory of the Kingdom of God.  John the Baptist said, for this reason the Kingdom of God has come near you.  Won't you join me.  Can you hear his call?
  • Dawn's gift allows her to operate in teaching, worship, deliverance ministry, presbytery training, training is so important for the equipping of the believers.  Believer's have waited so long to be equipped and trained to be used.  The church has not allowed the believer to be used for fear of failure and the church has caused Believer's to have fear and thus not be fruitful.  Cultivate the Harvest!  This lie must be abolished!  Believing this lie leads to deception and follows to sin!  There is therefore, no condemnation to those who are called in Christ Jesus!
I will be adding teaching sessions and a photo gallery here on the pages to follow soon to come.  I have videos to upload. Please join me, fill out the contact form for prophetic words, counsel, guidance and wisdom.  I will be happy to answer your request. 
  • Here at Cultivate the Harvest, we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family.  Using biblical principles (The Logos and Rhema Word of God) of spirituality, 
  • When Dawn first entered California in 1997, God took her down through the north and had her stop on the coast of California by the Pacific coast and he showed her a vortex of a spiritual gate and had her prophesy to the Gate; "Enter in King of Glory, who is this King of Glory"...thereby giving Dawn "footprints in the sand"...Cultivate the Harvest...echoeing the "Follow me" commission.
  • Dawn demonstrates instructional wisdom to the church through reformation, teaching to redeem the mind for the pulling down of strongholds, thereby the people receive wisdom and the instruction that they seek.
    Encouraging the Believer to pray to the Lord of the Harvest for Laborer's to enter the Field.  For we are commanded "as the day grows darker and the Day Star rises in your heart.....another scripture states never forsake the fellowship of  Believer's.
  • Dawn also offers the body of believer's a prophetic mantle that she has learned to incorporate in her life to mature the believer in their spiritual walk with the Holy Spirit.  To be indwelled and filled with Holy Spirit and FIRE!  Paul instructed us to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit and thereby walk by the Spirit so as not to fulfill the lusts of the flesh by which Adam deemed each one of us with, by which Christ died for us, to the crucificion, making a way for us, to enter by grace and mercy, being redeemed from the curse of the law, by becoming a curse for us, by being hung on a tree! and Resurrected.  If the Head of the Body be resurrected why not US!
If you feel the leading of the Lord to have me speak at your church I would be happy to hear from you.  Right now, I have been burned in the heart for Nigeria.  God wants to do a major work there.


As I reported on Facebook, and more details is on the about us page here,

2000 and 2001, I took a team of five people to Budapest Hungary to do city wide intercession walking the streets praying interceding doing prophetic acts of prayer.

The second year, the Lord opened doors to minister at churches, then the Lord spoke about an APOSTOLIC BLUEPRINT involving ten posts throughout eastern europe and now 2014 we are called to return to the GATEWAY of Eastern Europe. 

In 2000, Budapest had just come out of communism, not long, the spiritual stench was still there. We were also helping in facilitating a meeting of Sid Roth ministering to the jews the Messianics One New Man awareness. On the second trip God aligned us with a family of churches across Budapest, the Apostle on our team minister at one church while I ministered at the other church across town at the same monumentous moment. A great synchronicity. God gave me the key of the spiritual ground that eastern europe represents. And now it is said that the fleeing christian refugees from IRAQ due to ISIS fled to Paris. Is God going to connect the dots and start up that Apostolic blueprint after 14 years? Great times.


1998 1999

The first year was more and less of a journeying aspect for prayer and intercession exploring the quarters, playing a wooden flute at David's Tomb, staying at a hotel at Jaffa Gate that was previous of David's grounds of where Bathsheba quarters were.  We ministered to arabic families there listening to the stories of history.  

The second year, I was selected as a delegate to conflict resolution in Jerusalem.  We were a team of 18 people who daily held talks of conflict resolution (the listening of peoples hardships and anger and hate.  Then being able to guide them thru to reconcilitation.  A gut wrenching task.  We hit the ground running witnessing palestinian homes being demolished trying to comfort the palestinian people with emotions raw with anger and rage at the continued war of the centuries. From town to town we conducted thiese resolutions til an opportunity one day they said, "our schedule has changed The President wants to see us" We were overjoyed, this was the President of Israel, Perez.  I immediately began praying and suddenly I saw two great lights over shadow me.  I have seen great lights before even angels before, but this was extremely bright, I was weakened with its brightness.  We bused it there.  Once we got into the Office where they wanted to hold our meeting I was in the midst of lawyers, dentists, scientists, doctors, camera men, storytellers.  The President turns to me the only christian in the bunch and says come here I want you by me, I turn and looked behind me, everyone just froze......Inside Im screaming Lord dont leave me now.......The President said, I hear from these people every year they come here they tell me what to do, I dont listen, but I want to hear from you , you are not like them I can see that.  Then he says what are you doing here anyway.  What does God have for you to tell me?
Our next appointment was to go to the Gaza strip to do conflict reconciliation to the HAMAS sheiks, the clerics who do all the administrating for the terrorists, they keep up the media front.  In the mean time I am interviewing myself palestinian journalists, with questions like "Who is allah to you"?  Always the same answer, he is God.  Upon leaving they came to me and said , I understand now, you serve a higher God than we do, I said I serve the creator of the universe, dont you serve that God?  They said no that is this process of being placed in front of the HAMAS shieks I had determined I would pierced their souls with my eyes that indeed they would surrender to Jesus Christ but instead they had me carried out of the resolution talks saying that girls eyes are bothering me "Get her out of here"  On the soily Gaza Strip road is where Yeshua Ha'Mashich appeared unto me right in front of me at the door of their meeting.  He said, Here I am , the One you worship, I am He.  Do not be afraid.  They will not do anything to you, follow my lead.  I said but your so different from what we know you as in America, he nodded.  They the vision disappeared and I was filled with peace and by faith I knew I would be alright and later walked down to the meditterrean sea with the group and stood on a rock and began declaring and decreeing angels into the territory.


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