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We are offering a series of coaching styles to fit your needs.

You tell us in the box below how we can best meet your need, whether it is a family problem, business stumbling block, need of deliverance, gaining Gods wisdom or to administer healing or to activate your gifts with a baptism of FIRE!!  We can direct you in effective prayer to meet your needs to bring the Prince of Peace to you!!

We are offering increments of 15 and 30 minute phone calls or we can just listen and be your sounding board.  There are times in our journey and ministry we need to run something by someone else to get an eagles eye view.  I have a gift in compassionate listening and conflict resolution that provides healing to the one that needs to be heard.  Thru divine compassion we can provide that to you.  I aspire this ministry to be unlike any other.  Many as me, why do you take the time, because others will not.  God compels me to have compassion.  We are suppose to be serving God thru you.  God told me to do this series this way, it leaves no room for the religious!!!  We operate in the love of God here.

The phone call is recorded, so if a prophetic word is given, you have an audio recording of it.  How awesome.  God is good.

We are building our series' here to choose and check out in your cart thru Paypal.  Here is where you select for your scheduled coaching series in 30 minute intervals or less.  First you check it out thru the cart then we schedule it for you, you will be invited by email to a phone number and pin to dial in.  You are meeting by phone just you and Dawn to the thirty minute coaching series or less if you have chosen less time.  Option #1 is the 15 minute is at a service of $17.50, and #2 is 30 minutes for the service of $35.  Enjoy!!  If you enjoy it, recommend it.  This furthers this ministry to build apostolic REVIVAL here in Denver, Colorado.Each option when you click on the button of each choice it says the price of each option.  Take advantage so your soul can get the healing it deserves.When you complete this form

       Option #1                             

              Options #2
Date for coaching
Coaching (describe and leave contact info)
Length of coaching session
Option #1 #15 minute session $17.50
Option #2 #30 minute session $35.00
Appointment time to call in for session

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